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28 August 1986
feather walk

Live in Florida with my sister, and we attend the same university. I have no idea what I want to major in, which is the same thing as saying I really don't know exactly what I want to do with my life. It makes me feel slightly better that almost everyone I know in school are in the same situation. It just scares me to think I'll make the wrong choice.

I'm completely in love with HP, which will dominate most of my public posts in the form of fanfic or fanart.

I'm extremely shy, and you'd think that wouldn't carry over to the internet, but it does. So I'm sure I seem like a stuck-up snob, or a weird stalker who never introduces themselves, but I'm really just horrible at putting myself "out there", as it were.

Mainly on my LJ, RL will be flocked, so if you really wish to read all my rants, feel free to friend me, but all my art or fic will be public, and will also be in my memories.

Warning: I do not own HP, nor never will. No copyright infringement is intended, just an adoration for its characters. Also, my journal contains written and visual depictions of m/m relationships, aka slash. If slash offends you, please understand that is what you will find in my LJ, and that you have the freedom to go elsewhere. If you're under 18, please heed warnings and ratings of art and or fic. Please backpedal if you're underage and or it's illegal in your local area to view/read such material. Don't make me corrupt you. ;)

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