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gloredhel book


My oh my, where has October gone? I've lifted my nose from the grind long enough to realize I drew a Snarry a while ago I never posted, silly me. This was for joanwilder, who is a wonderful friend, not to mention a fantastically talented writer. I love you hon!!! And because this is hers, please don't take it. Not that anyone would, but still.  

It was done with charcoal and white pastel on grey charcoal paper, which I really like for skin tones. The white gives a great highlight. Note: also from a photo ref on manpaper.com.

Rating: PG
Characters: SS/HP
Warning: pretty!Snape

So, does anyone else share my love of necks? *goes back to drooling over clavicles and adam's apples*


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That's Snape? Holy crap, he got beautified.
*giggles at icon*

I'm all for canon!Snape, don't get me wrong, but every once in a while I can't resist the purdified version either. ;)Thanks for the comment.
Wow, they're gorgeous! And, um, yeh, I totally get the neck thing. :)
Aww, thanks hon. Good to know I'm not the only one with a neck thing. :D
Oh yeah! Neck tendons, sternums, yumma! (that sounded horribly sarcastic, but actually wasn't!!;) )

Nice job hon! Did you hold off posting this, or was it just not finished for a while?
I sent it to her in the mail, but forgot to post it after she got it. *blushes*

This is quite stunning. So realistic!

They really seem to jump off the page, and the highlighting/ shading are so very well done.

So, does anyone else share my love of necks?

*raises hand*

*blushes* Thanks bean! :)

Hee, neck-lovers unite!
It turned out so well! And they have hair now :)))

Very well done.

The hair makes all the difference. ;)

Thanks, babe.
Oh! Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. *licks screen*
Thanks, E. :)

Ooh, be sure it's clean before you lick.
I must not tell lies assault my monitor. I must not tell lies assault my monitor. I must not tell lies assault my monitor. This is WONDERFUL. You're very talented!
Lol! Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
Oh, I'm so glad you posted it! You know how much I love this--in fact, on Wed I'm off, and I'm taking my original to have it matted and framed--if I keep unrolling it to look at it (like I've been), I'm gonna ruin it. You are definitely teh Neck Queen. Hee. One of the things I really like about this, is it makes me wonder... It's such an ecstatic, but unusual posing...their chins together like that, Harry's eyes closed, Severus watching him...it makes me wonder whose hands are doing what to whom...you know what I mean? What's understated but understood/implied is very often the most sensual, and I think you've hit that exactly. And hey, one of the other things I love in this the way Severus has his brows knit together. Sigh, between you and tripper, I think you've both hit on the perfect Harry and Severus. Thank you, thank you again.
*glomps and snogs*

Yeah, I can't believe I forgot to post it! *headdesk* School is detrimental for the mind, don't let them tell you any different.

I'm flattered you're getting it framed, Cyn. I'm really just happy you like it, I must have drawn the thing three times before had the courage to send it.

Hey - I'm trying the Netflix deal, and the first disc of QaF will be here tomorrow! *squees*

Holy cow! they are GORGEOUS! I love your shading and the realism and the whole passionate idea and...really REALLY hot necks. Heehee great job.
Thank you! I'm happy you like it, sanctified cows or no. :)
That's gorgeous!
Excellent piece :D
Thank you! I really like using charcoal now. :)

Thats all.
Hee! Thanks. :D
WOW (sry but my brain isn't working properly after this.. )
It's always nice to impair someone's brain. ;)
Excellent work!!! ♥ I love charcoal
Thank you! I love charcoal, too. :)
Yes, I do. Necks rule! Harry's abandon and Snape's expression are delicious. S. he is watching Harry very intently :D I love the shading in this pic.
Thank you!

Yeah, there should be a "Give Someone a Hickey Day" to show our appreciation for the body part. :D




I normally can't stand H/S and I LOVE THIS! This is probably one of the most realistic peices I've ever seen! The way that Harry's scar is raised slightly, and the little mole on his neck! *wants to lick the mole*

And necks are so amazing. Boy!necks especially. *purrs* FAN-freaking-TASTIC job!
You noticed the mole! *bounces* I didn't know if anyone would see it. :)

Happy you like it, even if it is Snarry. ;)
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