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Art: A Potter's Love

Although I already said it, go and check out the other art and stories for the FQF. (too lazy to make another link)

I am so incredibly happy to finally post these. I have much to say, so it'll fortunately be behind the lj-cut.

Title: A Potter's Love
Tools: acrylic, watercolor, and permanent marker
Time: Way too long
Challenge: HP/SS Dusk Till Dawn FQF
Rating: light R
Warnings: slash, artistic nudity, frottage

A Potter's Love 

I'm actually nervous about them being posted now because of how much time and effort I spent on them. Initially I planned to write a fic for the History Challenge, and researched like no tomorrow. I read easily 200+ pages on Ancient Greek sexuality, art, pederasty, culture, military practices, philosophy, you name it.

But after all that research, I couldn't think of a story to go along with my kickin' setting. So, I fell to my ever-ready backup plan, and decided to draw something. Luckily, I took Art History recently, and that along with my independent research exposed me to an array of homoerotic pottery from that time, and I knew that was what I wished to try.

I designed the layout and the pottery shape, but each of the figures, the tree, the building, and flower design were all "inspired" by other pieces of actual pottery. The cock was all my on making, however. ;)

And because the nerd in me couldn't resist, I even made an abstract for the piece like would be seen in a museum. Which is to be taken completely seriously.

Historical Notes:

Amphora with Eromenos and Erastes
Greece Attica Athens
about 480-460 B.C.
Height: 43.2 cm (16 15/16 in.)
Decorative Arts and Utilitarian Objects
Ceramic, Red Figure

The piece found in the recently uncovered ruins in the outskirts of Athens has puzzled art historians and archaeologists alike with its uncommon and almost anachronistic style. While side A contains the accepted stance and posture of figures, specifically the standing eromenos or young lover, Side B is a depiction of Side A only moments later, much like modern cartoons, but with animalistic and disgusting frottage. This tasteless rendition and style of an erastes with his young eromenos, thankfully, has not been found elsewhere, and the find is quite the amphoric anomaly.

A clue to the identities of these two figures may be found in another recent discovery. One of Sophocles' lost plays tells the tale of an erastes, Sivekles, or Severus, who courts Apeios, or loosely translated, Harry, and after many trials, it is believed Harry accepts.

**Disclaimer* No actual historians or archaeologists were harmed in the making of this abstract, although all factual history has been glibly shot to hell*

Side A: Side A

Side B: Side B


Very interesting design concept. :3 I like it!
Thanks! It's certainly very different from anything I've done before. :)
OMG I love the cock!!!

Er... :-D

Seriously, that's mad hot, and very clever. And the cock really does rule. The composition of the whole thing is quite beautiful!

It took a lot of personal control, but I refrained from saying that it was my first time drawing cock, and that I hoped it turned out alright. *snort*

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
Woo!! We covered a bit of red-figure/black-figure in the Greek-Roman Art & Arch. class I took in college, I loved the class ... though it was hilarious to see giant slides of erastes in a lecture hall for 300 and we all had to stifle our giggles.

You've done a spectacular amphora, thank you so much for sharing it with us!!
Aww, thanks! I was a bit worried an actual Art Historian might see it, and think "WTF?"

The same thing happened in my class, but sadly the professor didn't get into the reason why there were so many depictions of naked men. *rolleyes*

Oh, how neat!!! It almost looks as if you took a vase and carved it in! It really does look like it would be found on the side of a greek vase, lol. Keep up the good work!
Wow, thank you! I tried very hard to make it look the way it does, so it's good to know it paid off.
Lol! I'll see if I can talk my local museum into taking it... too bad I didn't actually paint a jar. Thanks!
What a original idea, Snarry red figure vase style.
nice work-out, but you could shameless have put glasses on Harry's face. I don't think it would look weird.
but... I think I am gonna steal this idea and do something black-figure vase someday.
You're right, I could have added the glasses, but because the story I never wrote positioned them during that time, I decided to go for none. I did agonize over how to make them rexognizable as themselves, but then realized portraiture wasn't a goal in pottery, so I gave myself a chill pill. :)

Lol, that's fine! I actually didn't think it was that novel of an idea for a history challenge, so have at it. :)
I'm not a HP/SS shipper at all, but I clicked on this because it said History Challenge. I love history and the fact that you did so much research was awesome.

Anyway, I am so glad I clicked because I love this. Absolutely love this style and the realism of the Greek art.

Beautiful! :) If you have anymore in this style, I'd love to see it!
I'm (obviously) a sucker for history too, and the practice of pederasty, and views on sexuality in during those ancient times fascinated me. I'm glad I did the research even if I didn't write the story.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you clicked on it as well. :)

Unfortunately, that was the only classical-styled art I've done. You're welcome to check out my other things as well. Not all are HP/SS, lol.
that's so cool! lol i like it! :D
Thank you! I'm glad you like it.
Very clever and very cool. Have recced this.
Wow, thank you! *blushes*

*goes to check out your LJ*
I have a question. What is that strange net the boy is holding? I always see it, and I'm not sure what it is.

I like the idea allot. (:
No problem! I should have explained that in the first place. The bag Harry is carrying is a bag of walnuts. Both the bag and the cockerel were love gifts usually given by the older man courting the younger.
Oh, I see. How....weird. Walnuts. Very... romantic. heh. Thanks. (:


Have you read?

Have you ever read "The Courtship of Harry Potter" by Diana Williams? it's all about Pedastry and whatnot. it can be found at diana.inkwell.com

just thought you might like to read it.

Re: Have you read?

I'm in awe of that story. I just spent the past couple hours reading it, and it was amazing. I never would have been able to write them that well. Thank you so much for recommending it. :)
Hello :o)

I just emailed you feedback on this (although I think I forgot to sign it, duh), but then it occurred to me that you probably had an LJ so here I am, dropping in.

Anyway, I really think this was a great answer to the challenge. I love it, catalogue notes and all.
Hi there! *waves*

Lol! And I just replied to your email. :)

Thanks again, and I'm glad you liked it and the historical notes.
*assorted giggles*

That's just a wonderful concept there... and the poor rooster!
Lol, thank you! I definitely had a blast working on it.

Yeah, I must admit I abused the poor little rooster. *pets him*