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Feb. 28th, 2007


Why don't people care?

I'm trying to start a club on campus to raise awareness of the crisis in Darfur. I spoke with one of my professors who essentially told me good luck, that he'd been trying to get students to care with little success. Why is that? I refuse to believe there would be absolutely no one interested in joining a club and trying to make a difference, and maybe save lives. 

A few of my classmates expressed interest, but mainly in a way that said, "Oh, that's interesting, but just don't ask me to do anything." *headdesk*

I'm going to keep trying, and will talk to a few classes about starting a club. There is a lot that we can do, from lobbying politicians, telling others on campus, trying to get companies to divest in Sudan, and the old stand-by fundraising.

I know there are a lot of students and academics in the fandom, so maybe you could tell me if students are as apathetic there as they are at my university. 

Here are some links to visit about what's going on in Darfur:

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Feb. 21st, 2007

art palette

Art: Whimsy

I can't say how relieved I am to be finished with this. I started painting this probably about nine months ago, and frequently left it for the never-to-be-done pile. The color's a bit off, but I'm going to have it scanned soon instead of only taking a picture of it. This is my cousin, who I lived with for almost a year back in '04. She's going to be five this year, but she's two here. Hope you like it!

Title: Whimsy
Medium: Watercolor pencils and watercolor
Rating: G

Jan. 22nd, 2007


Fanart: He Had to Try

Long time no see, huh?

After I read joanwilder's awesome fic Unnatural Selection, I had to draw something. If you're a Snarry fan, and even if you aren't, go read it.

Title: He Had to Try
Rating: G
Characters: Harry Potter
Medium: colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, and marker. Yeah. 


Nov. 7th, 2006


Me, obsessed with QaF? You jest.

Well, for those on my flist who don't know or care about QaF, I apologize because you will probably be seeing a fair bit of art from me based on it. :D
I've seen half of season 1 from Netflix, and then most of seasons 2, 3, and 4 on YouTube. Bless those people who took the time to upload them.

This is a small sketch of Gale Harold as Brian. I wanted to try out my colored pencils on the colored paper, and I really like the technique. With this particular one, because it was a quick trial run I drew it fairly small, about 4 x 5 in, where it's usually four times that size, it's not as defined as I usually like. I was trying out the colors, not getting his face exactly correct, so I know some proportions are off. *takes calming breaths*  I still like the look of it, however. It reminds me of those minatures in Jane Austen novels or something. :)


So, can anyone point me in the direction of some good QaF LJ communities?


Nov. 2nd, 2006


Fanart: The Price of Loyalty

Title: The Price of Loyalty
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy, Voldemort, other DE's.
Rating: PGish
Warning: Character death
Medium: ink


Oct. 29th, 2006

gloredhel book


My oh my, where has October gone? I've lifted my nose from the grind long enough to realize I drew a Snarry a while ago I never posted, silly me. This was for joanwilder, who is a wonderful friend, not to mention a fantastically talented writer. I love you hon!!! And because this is hers, please don't take it. Not that anyone would, but still.  

It was done with charcoal and white pastel on grey charcoal paper, which I really like for skin tones. The white gives a great highlight. Note: also from a photo ref on manpaper.com.

Rating: PG
Characters: SS/HP
Warning: pretty!Snape


Oct. 21st, 2006

snape stare

Snarry Art

Art: Fancy a snog? (it's 2am, you come up with something. Sheesh.)
Mediums: pencil
Time: hour-ish
Characters: Snarry
Rating: PG for snogging 
Warning: greasy hair


Oh, and one more thing: check out lemouse 's LJ. She has the best YouTube vid that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. *glomps flist*


Oct. 15th, 2006

whoseline lol

need a laugh?

Because freaking out about my two midterms tomorrow almost made me forget how good it is just to laugh. Can you really resist not one, but four laughing babies? I think not.

Oct. 10th, 2006

c is for cookie

Halloween Baking with Gloredhel!

Hello my wonderful flist.  I hope you're all doing well, and aren't nearly as stressed as I. School's been quite relentless, and I feel horribly unartistic. I haven't drawn anything in over a week. *cries* But I do bring cookies! Unfortunately the recipe wasn't my own idea, and you've probably seen it before yourself, but I couldn't get over how hilarious it was, so I had to try it out and share it with you all!

I bring you:


Sep. 27th, 2006


Birthday Art!

Apparently I have no control, and couldn't wait until your actual birthday before I posted it, but oh well. It's only a few hours early. :D


HAPPY early BIRTHDAY byronyraven!!

Because "Toys" had always been one of my favorite fics of yours, I drew a little picture of one of the scenes that stood out to me. This is the first time I've drawn something so racy, so I hope you like it! *wibbles* 

Title: Anything He Wants
Tools: pencil
Characters: Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom
Rating: NC-17, this is NWS, folks. 

excerpt inspired by: 

There are days where the garden is neglected completely in favour of the bedroom. For such a quiet, introverted man, Neville is quite vocal when caught in passion’s throes; and Remus enjoys taking every opportunity to make him whimper, gasp, cry out and plead.

Neville’s breathless moans excite him, licking at the bite marks on his throat, body arching beneath him as he pinches Neville’s nipples between his fingers. He can do anything he wants, and Neville allows it.


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